Sustainability atKATLENBURGER


There is no Planet B

Considering the needs and requirements of our employees, shareholders, consumers, and retail partners, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming more sustainable in our operations and business processes and have therefore created a Sustainability Team. In this interdisciplinary team, we are developing strategies to make the company more sustainable. The team has set the following priorities for its work:

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Managing Resources

Our goal is to use our resources
responsibly and sustainably and
to monitor our consumption.

Energy Consumption

Our goal is to reduce our energy consumption
to a minimum in the long term.

Suppliers and
Service Providers

Part of our sustainability concept is to
constantly review our service providers
and their purchasing strategies.

Packaging Alternatives

We strive for more sustainable
packaging options and the
continuous enhancement of these.


We aim to continuously optimize
our processes with regard to
effectiveness and sustainability.


In terms of ethics, we are committed
to take responsibility for our
processes and stakeholders.