About Us

We live fruit wine culture!

Everything we do, we do with joy, know-how and dedication.

We have been living fruit wine culture since 1925 – in our own cellar in Katlenburg and with an incredible variety of unique fruit wine beverages.


The KATLENBURGER Kellerei GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run company based in Katlenburg since its foundation in 1925 and at the same time Europe's most diverse fruit wine cellar.

By the way, it all started with a coincidence: Company founder Dr. Willy Demuth - our grandfather and great-grandfather - actually wanted to produce apple juice. A barrel accidentally fermented - thus the first apple sparkling wine (today: cider) was created. Shortly afterwards, he developed the best-selling "Strawberry Sparkling Wine", which quickly made KATLENBURGER the market leader in the fruit wine sector.

For four generations, we have now been processing the best juices from domestic and exotic fruits, as well as pure bee honey. The result is a wide variety of wonderful drinks of the highest quality. Our products are awarded top marks by the DLG every year and in our product segments we are among the most popular and best-known brands in Germany, often as market leaders. Our products are also already very popular internationally, from Austria to Australia and Japan.

Our family stands with its name for the fact that all fans of our products can expect beverages of the highest quality from us also in the future.

Klaus Demuth and Alexandra Demuth.

General Manager KATLENBURGER Kellerei.