Hot Mead

For honey-sweet evenings

Hot Mead

Surprise yourself and your guests with a unique hot drink. Our Hot Mead is a true specialty and on cold days it brings with its warm and delicious honey sweetness a piece of comfort to your home. Whether pure or refined with cherry juice, simply warm the bottle in a steam bath to preserve our Hot Mead’s full aroma.

Mead – Divinely Delicious

Honey wine, probably the oldest wine in the world, was once called the drink of the gods for a reason. The Germanic tribes even made it their national drink and glorified it in their sagas and songs. Throughout history and through many cultures, the tradition of honey wine has been maintained. Nowadays, it is experiencing a small renaissance. The KATLENBURGER honey wines and their different variations are produced according to old traditional recipes and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Hot Mead

  • Fits to:

    A cozy winter afternoon

  • Feels like:

    Warm moments on a fur by the fire

  • Tastes like:

    Pure bee honey and delicious mulled wine spices

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