Sparkling Spices

Secco meets herbal extracts

Herbs are meanwhile an import condiment of cocktail bars. KATLENBURGER Winery has combined this trend with classic Secco and the result is a fruity Secco in two aromatic flavours: tangy basil & lemon grass, as well as refreshing cucumber with rosemary. Cheers to this special combination!


Exquisit Secco (Exquisit Sparkling Wine)

You would like to enjoy a pure sparkling wine that isn’t made from conventional grapes? Then you’ve come to the right place: the Exquisit Erdbeerperlwein for example goes back to the year 1927. That’s when the KATLENBURGER winery created their famous “schäumenden Erdbeerwein”, a brisk strawberry wine, that was an exclusive product of KATLENBURGER’s for nearly forty years. You can taste all that experience to this day whenever you enjoy a glass of our delicious Fruchtseccos (fruit seccos). 


Fruity Hugo

Hugo now comes with fruit!

We at KATLENBURGER’s thought it was about time that our Hugo (Secco with elderberry syrup) had some company. That’s why we introduced him to his new fruity friends: the strawberry, the pear, the blueberry and the rhubarb. Which friendship do you like best?