Mead 0,5L

Strong Supercraft from honey

Honey Wine in a dark 0,5l beer bottle? Only at KATLENBURGER. We capture the hip craft beer trend and present three new, strong flavours from pure honey with unique recipe. The strong and tangy Urtyp combined with hop and gentian. The Dark variety refreshes with berry aronia juice and the Strong flavor convinces with the international success combination whisky-honey.


Honigwein Met (Honey Wine / Mead)

The classic amongst the “Honigweine” (honey wines) – awarded multiple times by the DLG (The German Agricultural Society).

Numerous experts verify again and again: KATLENBURGER Met (mead) is the most aromatic of all honey wines. Why? Our well-trained winemakers with their years of experience only use 100% pure honey for the production of the KATLENBURGER Met – without any added flavours or other artificial ingrediants. 


Heisser Met (Hot Mead)

Some Like It Hot.

Honey has always made people happy. Why don’t you try it hot for a change? It’s like balm for your body and soul. Our KATLENBURGER Heißer Met (hot mead) was developed specifically for that purpose. Just heat the bottle in a water bath – that’s how you preserve the full flavour of the honey wine – settle back and enjoy.