Fruchtwein On Ice Edition (Fruit wine on ice)

Light and summery.

There’s nothing like sipping our delicious light fruit wines on a mild summer evening. For this and many more occasions we created our KATLENBURGER Fruit wine on Ice Edition: refreshing, fruity and with a hint of sweetness. Now the only thing left for you to do is to choose from our three varieties: tasty raspberry, aromatic passion fruit or refreshing rhubarb are the flavours of our fruit wines. Without any artificial flavours or colourants, of course. Best try them “on the rocks” – they’re perfect for the warm season!


Fruchtweine (fruit wine)

In wine there is truth...

Enjoy eight incredibly delicious wines made from the finest fruit: Straight, with icecubes in the summer or even warmed up with a dash of lemon juice when it’s cold outside. Cheap grape wine combined with artificial flavours of other fruit? Not here at KATLENBURGER’s. Our wines are made from pure fruit only. Be it blueberry wine, cherry wine, strawberry wine or black currant wine: we do not add any artificial flavours or food colourants to our beverages at any point in the production process. The DLG (The German Agricultural Society) is so convinced by our high-quality standards, that they have been awarding our fruit wines and other products regularly over decades.