Harzer Beerenglühwein

Straight from the Harz Mountains

Rough, true different - this winterly drink will lead you into the magical world of the Harz Mountains. Our cellarer created a deep dark berry wine and refined it with strong, tasty mulled wine spices. With the stately alcoholic content of 11% vol and the unique, spicy note you will definetely enjoy our velvet berry mulled wine in the chic 0,5l bottle the most. 


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Fruchtglühwein (Fruit Mulled Wine)

Love, peace and Fruchtglühwein

Not only are the KATLENBURGER fruit mulled wines absolutely delicious, but also authentic: We produce our Heidelbeerglühwein from pure Heidelbeerwein, our Kirschglühwein from pure Kirschwein and so on. What’s on the label is therefore exactely what’s in the bottle. We perfected our fruit mulled wines in the home winery by adding heavenly winter spices. For this exceptionally high quality, the DLG (The German Agricultural Society) has been awarding our fruit mulled wines continuously for decades.


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Marie’s original recipe

Marie’s original recipe since 1925.

In 1925, Marie Demuth, née Schwerdtfeger, invented a magically delicious hot punch for her family. In order to do this, she refined tasty fruit wines (such as cherry wine), which had been produced from fruit from the home orchard, with carefully selected spices for mulled wine. She made these for her family on special occasions in the evenings. It became a well-kept family secret which only the next of kin knew about. Over ninety years later we revived two of the traditional recipes with lots of care. Of course, we still produce the tasty punch varieties with lots of love on site in our winery in Katlenburg.


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Landfrucht-Glühwein (Country Fruit Mulled Wine)

Rural winter-treat.

How about a winterly outing? Packed and ready: the enchanting KATLENBURGER Landfrucht-Glühweine. They contain traditional, locally grown fruit like those from orchard meadows, plum or elderberry combined with finest spices for mulled wine. The recipes we perfected over the course of many years radiate a touch of nostalgia and make us pause for a precious moment.


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Klassiker (Classics)

Not just “einen wönzigen Schlock”!*

We know them all, the winterly cult beverages apart from the mulled wine: The “heißen Rumtopf” (rum pot), the “Sahneeierpunsch” (egg nog), the “heißer Apfelpunsch” and the legendary “Feuerzangenbowle” (brandy punch). But aside from the indulgence, we also associate them with a lot of preparation and work: cutting, measuring, buying a lot more spices than you actually need and then simmering and more simmering. We from KATLENBURGER already did all that work for you. What’s left for you to do is to briefly heat the beverage of your choice, settle back and enjoy the delicious hot drink.

*“one little sip”: Professor Crey (“Schnauz”) in the film “Die Feuerzangenbowle”


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Beerenglögg (Berry Glögg)

The Scandinavian way of enjoying mulled wine.

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland: they all seem to have that savoir-vivre internalized. It’s no coincidence that the Scandinavian people are constantly amongst the 10 happiest of the world. At least to a minor extent that has to be because of their excellent Glögg. And because all of us could do with a little happiness and contentment, we at KATLENBURGER’s invented the Beerenglögg (Berry Glögg) for you. It’s made from the best berry wine and combined with clove, cinnamon and vanilla, the typical spices for Glögg. The fine flavours of raisins and almonds give the intriguing taste of the Beerenglögg its final touch.


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