Beerenglögg (Berry Glögg)

Let's get "hygge"!

Reflecting the popular Scandinavian life style, we have created two appropriate accessories for cosy winter evenings. We have packed these two natural fruit mulled wines in a striking simple design, inspired by the trendy ‘Scandic Design’. Blåbär is our mulled wine specialty from blueberry with a hint of lemon and our Gløgg a blend of aronia berry with vibrant flavor of herbs.


Fruchtglühwein (Fruit Mulled Wine)

Wintertime – time for mulled wine.

It’s getting cold outside, the days grow shorter and somehow suddenly we find ourselves holding the first cup of mulled wine. All the better, if it’s a really good and fruity one. Such as one made from velvety cherries, sweet wild berries or fine blueberries with a touch of winterly flavours like cinnamon, clove, ginger, lemon or star aniseed. Apart from this tasty range of Fruchtglühweinen (fruit mulled wines) we present to you: “Feuerzangenbowle”, “Punsch”, “Heißer Rumtopf” and “Beerenglögg”. Welcome to KATLENBURGER Winter Wonderland!


Harzer Beerenglühwein

Straight from the Harz Mountains

Rough, true different - this winterly drink will lead you into the magical world of the Harz Mountains. Our cellarer created a deep dark berry wine and refined it with strong, tasty mulled wine spices. With the stately alcoholic content of 11% vol and the unique, spicy note you will definetely enjoy our velvet berry mulled wine in the chic 0,5l bottle the most. 


Klassiker (Classics)

Not just “einen wönzigen Schlock”!*

We know them all, the winterly cult beverages apart from the mulled wine: The “heißen Rumtopf” (rum pot), the “Sahneeierpunsch” (egg nog), the “heißer Apfelpunsch” and the legendary “Feuerzangenbowle” (brandy punch). But aside from the indulgence, we also associate them with a lot of preparation and work: cutting, measuring, buying a lot more spices than you actually need and then simmering and more simmering. We from KATLENBURGER already did all that work for you. What’s left for you to do is to briefly heat the beverage of your choice, settle back and enjoy the delicious hot drink.

*“one little sip”: Professor Crey (“Schnauz”) in the film “Die Feuerzangenbowle”