Bowle To Go (Fruit punch to go)

Urban Spirit und fruity freshness.

For decades now we have kept a sweet secret here in Katlenburg: our fine and fruity punch. With our brand new Bowle To Go we reinvented the yummy wheel and updated it thoroughly: a fancy packaging, a new recipe and all that without any fuss. Pure fruit wine meets pure fruit juice. Try our varieties strawberry and peach.

On our Facebook page and on Instagram you can discover news to the small bowle (punch). We are looking forward for numerous photos with label with the Hashtag #BOWLETOGO. 


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Fruchtwein-Bowle (Fruitwine Punch)

Even decades ago the best parties were those where they poured out the good punch. The founding family of KATLENBURGER noticed that, too, and created the first punch from yummy fruit directly from the bottle – a total novelty at the time! We say: Bottoms up!


Maibowle (May Punch)

It’s the merry month of May…

… and the May wine is waiting for you! Who doesn’t know the spring-fresh woodruff punch. If you have never tasted this delicious beverage, you should catch up immediately! We promise you a particularly tasty experience when aromatic woodruff meets our heavenly fruit wine. It’s time to go out into the sun!


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Time to go rural!

Strawberry & rhubarb, pear & elderberry, currant & raspberry: one can’t help but think about sunny afternoons in the garden under the fruit trees. With our Landbowlen we caught exactly this kind of vibe. With great care and gentle processing, the juice from native fruit is turned into a natural and original-taste adventure: the KATLENBURGER Landbowlen.


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