The fruity indulgence!

A sparkling glass of Erdbeer Secco with your dinner with friends, a light wine spritzer for the summery trip to the lake or a steaming cup of spicy-aromatic fruit mulled wine in the cold season: the fruit wine specialities from the KATLENBURGER winery fit every occasion and should always be one of the party! Each and every drink being produced in our KATLENBURGER winery is processed with care and lots of love. The main ingredient is the best of fruit only, whether natives like currants, cherries or blackberries, or “newcomers” like pineapples or peaches. No matter if you choose the classic KATLENBURGER wine made from fruit juice, the mead, punch or any other innovative fruit wine product, we can guarantee that they all meet our high quality standards.

Fruit wines that actually taste like the fruit they contain, constantly monitored quality and a range of products that makes certain you will always have the right drink for the right occasion: all that combined is what our family business represents for more than 90 years now!

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We invented the sparkling strawberry wine

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