Klaus Demuth
Katlenburger Kellerei GmbH & co. KG

Personal dedication for the best product

KATLENBURGER Kellerei GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run business since its foundation in 1925 and has become Europe’s biggest winery for fruit wine. Its place of business is Katlenburg near Göttingen in Lower Saxony, Germany.

It all started by chance: A cask of fermented apple juice became our first Cider. It was joined shortly afterwards by our sales hit “Erdbeer-Sekt”, a fizzy sparkling wine that made KATLENBURGER the brand leader in no time.

For three generations we have turned the best juices made from regional and exotic fruit into beverages of the highest quality: From fruit wines, punch, and mead to cocktails and mulled fruit wines:

KATLENBURGER is one of the most popular and well-known German brands in all its business segments. You can find our products in stores and supermarkets all over the country. Even the global demand for beverages made in Katlenburg is growing continuously. The desires and needs of our customers are our constant guidelines. We guarantee the highest quality you will be able to taste! The excellence of our products is evidenced by quite a number of awards from the German Agricultural Society (DLG). Some of our wines, such as the light and natural fruit wine spritzer or the premium honey wine, are awarded a prize every year.

We consider our family name a promise to continue producing first-rate beverages for you.


Permanently monitored quality: You can taste the difference!

Carefully selected suppliers from all over the world provide us with the best fruit juices that are the basis of our diverse range of sweet, sprightly and sparkling fruit wines. Already at this stage, KATLENBURGER makes use of an extensive control system, which is especially important to us as a family business. You will not find a single bottle of our drinks in the stores, be it Cider or Fruity Hugo, that doesn’t meet our high standard. Try it: You will taste the difference!

Next to our own control system, independent testing centres frequently confirm the first-rate quality of KATLENBURGER fruit wines, Seccos, punch, and cocktails. We are certified on a high level both by the international norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and the “International Food Standard” (IFS). This provides security, for our trading partners as well as – and especially – for our customers. To be certified means we have nothing to hide!


Controlled – Certificated – Awarded

Enjoying a small glass of “Naschkätzchen” in the evening or some KATLENBURGER sparkling wine with your friends also means being able to enjoy with a good feeling:
The German Agricultural Society (DLG), for example, awards prizes to our fruit wines in their competitions – every year! For this decades-long pursuit of quality, KATLENBURGER received the DLG-“Preis der Besten” (DLG award of the finest, a prize for long-term product quality) in gold.

With the “Bundesehrenpreis” (honorary national awards bestowed by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture), we continually received the highest German award from 2008 to 2016 for our tasty fruit wines in the varieties strawberry and blueberry, as well as for our fizzy Landbowle, among others.

Our international customers, too, appreciate the high quality of wines from the KATLENBURGER winery: That’s why our Blueberry Sparkling, for example, won the Best of Country – Award Germany at the Japan Wine Challenge in 2011.